Il tirocinio di Elisa a Chester


Where everything started..

This experience started thanks to my English teacher that informed me about this kind of Project.

I immediately did everything to be selected for the internship, because I thought that it could have been a useful experience to improve my English and also to acquire new professional skills.

This project took place from the 23rd of August to the 23rd of September, in Chester a walled city with Roman origins, capital of the Cheshire county.

Why did I go there?

Chester is one of Britain’s most popular places for its unique and historical atmosphere. For this reason it’s a place with lot of tourism companies such as museums, hotels and travel agencies. This gave me the opportunity to work in the tourism field, with another 10 schoolmates.

Dewa Roman Experience

Dewa Roman Experience is an interactive museum with a modern twist. On the inside you have a hands-on room, an archaeological area and reproductions in wax of the Roman lifestyle of 2000 years ago. The museum is open all year round from 9.00a.m to 5.00p.m, except for the Christmas holidays. The museum is specialized in Educational tours, thanks to the tour guides that involve students to play games inside and outside the museum. Children have the possibility to hang around the city and the amphitheatre with a Roman soldier, wearing shields, swords and helmet in plastic. While on the inside, the hands-on room let them be archaeologists. You don’t need to book in advance your visit, except for schools that have reductions on the price. Opening hours are from 2.00pm to 4.30pm and prices can change according to your age.

What did I have to do?

I used to :

  • sell tickets to customers
  • sell stuff in the gift shop
  • take photos
  • dress up like a roman woman
  • give information about the museum
  • interact with children playing games
  • clean the museum at the end of the day

I worked for 4 weeks from Monday to Friday 8 hours per day.

What did I learn?

This job gave me the opportunity to improve my language knowledge, problem solving skills and how to speak with the customer. It was really difficult when I had to deal with children, because I had to be able to change my language register.

The evaluation:

My tutors, Chris and Michael were very patient with me. They always helped me when I had troubles but at the same time they let me be independent in my job. At the same time I established good relationships with all the other employees. I’m also proud of myself because their evaluation was higher than my expectations, saying that they would recommend me to any potential employer.

The rest of the experience…

This experience got off with the wrong foot because my classmate and I didn’t feel at ease with the host family… Anyway, thanks to the school and our teachers we found a welcoming family. From the first moment we established a good relationship, especially with their children; Ryan and Ella.

During this period I met new friends, from two Spanish girls to some English friends. With these last ones I still keep in touch.

During the weekend me and the other students had time off to visit other cities like Liverpool and Manchester, to have splendid memories once back in Italy. Despite the laughs and the Saturday nights we had all together, what really make us happy was the “shopping time”, especially in Primark.

Time to go home…

I think that the Erasmus project is much more than a school trip in a foreign country. It gave me the opportunity to see what the world of work is like, putting myself on the game in another family, another culture…another life.






About Luisella

Insegnante di inglese, grande appassionata di viaggi, credo molto nel potere dei viaggi di aprire la mente, oltre che di rendere la nostra vita molto più interessante. Viaggio per piacere e per lavoro, prevalentemente in Italia e in Europa.
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