Il tirocinio di Arianna a Chester

When we arrived in Chester, we met some people working at Conlan School. There we talked about our next work experience and the host families and we learnt more about interaction with guests and how to overcome a possible problem.

My work experience consisted in two jobs: the first one at the Techniquest Glyndwr, located in Wrexham, in Wales. The second one at the Military Museum in Chester, situated in the Castle of Chester. There are some volunteers that work at the museum and the visitors are more or less groups of children that come from schools.

PRODUCTS and PLACE: Techniquest Glyndwr is an interactive laboratory for children based on science. There are also some shows where children can see live experiences, for example shows about the earth, the human body etc.. The Military Museum tells the story of the Cheshire Soldiers from the 17th Century right through to the present day.

PROMOTION: In Techniquest Glyndwr they send e-mails to schools and families. Instead at the Military Museum they send letters to schools. They both have brochures that you can find at the tourist office, and a website.

PRICE: At Techniquest Glyndwr the price is about £5, for a Multi Ticket it is about £20, for an Annual Pass it is £20 and for a Birthday Party the price is £8 per person (with a minimum of 10 people per booking). At the Military Museum the price for the ticket is £4 per adult, £2 per concession and £9 per family.

PEOPLE: In both places the costumers are children and families. At Techniquest Glyndwr employees go to primary schools during the afternoon and do some activities with children. They work with test tubes and chemical goggles, so I had to help my tutors and children during their experiments. ·At the Military Museum volunteers prepare some activities for children that come from schools and they prepare a lounge with historical objects found in their lands.

  • At the Techniquest Glyndwr my duties were to welcome customers and arrange the gift shop. During the birthday celebrations my job was helping children who needed help for some experiments.
  • At the Military Museum my task was to reorganize the archive and scan historical documents. Sometimes I had the opportunity to stay at the front desk and in contact with customers.


The first day was really tough for me, because at work I didn’t receive a nice welcome, but during the following days I changed my opinion. Then at the Military Museum I received a warm welcome.

These work experiences have taught me to overcome problems and take care of myself , not to give up in front of obstacles , because every problem always has a solution.After this experience I feel more mature and responsible, I realized what the world of work means.

In the places where I worked I realized that working there, is very different than in Italy. Employees take lots of breaks to drink tea or coffee.

During my month spent in Chester I lived in the neighborhood of  Lache with Laura. My host family was composed by Mark, the father of the family, Marie, the mother of the family, the daughter Lauren and two dogs. Their home was very welcoming and they allowed me to do whatever I wanted. Lauren was 12 years old and attended a private school, while his father was working near Liverpool and was at home only at the weekends.

Chester is a Roman city , very organized and clean with traditional houses called rows painted in black and white . Shops are open from 9am till 5pm , there are many buses that run from the city center and there are also many pubs to spend an evening with friends.


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